DIS Staff

Administration and Office Staff

Principal: Darden Freeman, [email protected]
Assistant Principal: Bonnie Reedy, [email protected]
Office Manager: Lori Whitt, [email protected]
Nurse: Jordan Lawson, [email protected]
Resource Officer:Brad Bolen, [email protected]
School Counselor - Suzanne Saunders, [email protected] 


Spanish - Carol Andrews, [email protected]
Science - 7 - Laura Bishop, [email protected]
Science - Brittni Iroler, [email protected]
STEM - Frank Leighton, [email protected]
PLTW - Candice Davis, [email protected]
Math - Nikki Bowers, [email protected]
Math - Kevin Conner, [email protected]
Math - Tammy Dye, [email protected]
English - Shannon Ferguson, [email protected]
English - Andrew Graham, [email protected]
English - Amber Ratcliffe, [email protected]
Social Studies 7 - Annie Cooper, [email protected]
Social Studies 8 - Richard Fisher, [email protected]


Drafting - Cody Roberts, [email protected]

The Arts

Choir - Darren Goad, [email protected]
Band - George Saunders, [email protected]
Art - Kristy Bryant, [email protected]

Physical Education 

Jenna Rea, [email protected]
Matthew Saunders, [email protected]


Library - Rebecca Caufman, [email protected]
SPED - Sarah Contreras, [email protected]
SPED - Sarah Pullman, [email protected]
SPED - Jordan Worrell, [email protected]
Reading - Kelly Morris, [email protected], Reading Website